My Bulletproof Coffee Review: Dude is That Butter in Your Coffee Cup?

That is exactly what I said the first time I laid eyes on this video below. Before I explain any more just click and watch this dude put butter in his morning cup of coffee.

Bulletproof Coffee ReviewGross right, well actually not. I have dipped my toes into this world of crazy biohacking and I like it. I followed the advice from Dave Asprey over at and I followed his bulletproof coffee recipe. It really is simple:

  • High quality coffee beans like Upgraded™ coffee beans
  • High quality MCT oil like Bulletproof MCT oil
  • Grass fed unsalted butter.

Those are the three steps needed for a brilliant cup of coffee to start your day. I did it for several months, lost significant weight from body fat, gained energy, felt no sugar highs or lows and loved my cup of coffee if you want the same feeling click here to get some today.